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Judi Jemson offers your company a joyful, dynamic personality with a ten year plus track record of positive sales results. She loves what she does. She does it well. And it shows. Her natural, God-given sales ability combined with her genuine care for people and excitement to show them what your product ultimately offers them equals stellar sales results for your product line and company branding. Needless to say, all are priceless in today's economy.
Judi is a well-known professional demonstrator in central Ohio and surrounding areas including the 2011 Central Ohio Home and Garden Show, several health and beauty fairs, community
and church events, trade shows, gas station grand openings, and health foods stores such as Raisin Rack (in Westerville and Canton), Whole Foods, and Health Foods Unlimited, as well as major grocery store chains such as Marc's, WalMart, Giant Eagle, and Meijer. Additional photos are located on the next two pages.
Judi was the only demonstrator chosen to conduct double-blind lab taste tests in a tri-state
area for Giant Eagle by a well known national demo company prior to branching out on her own, attesting to her attention to detail. Mrs. Jemson was formerly a Lead Demonstrator for the same company and during her tenure discovered many of the important do's and don'ts of the industry. She won a record-breaking nine secret shopper bonuses in a little over one year, scoring a perfect 100% on their 20-point scale, proving the highest success rate of secret shopper scores received in the history of the company.
With a perfect track record, Judi has never once lost a demo in her entire professional demonstrator career. You can depend on her. Specifically, she has never failed to perform
a scheduled demonstration due to poor weather, lack of transportation, illness, or any other reason. She is flexible and willing to conduct last-minute demos as well as move them up or back a week or so per the client's wishes. (OSU Football or weather can cause clients to request a reschedule.) She always contacts the demo location manager several days ahead
of time to confirm that plenty of product is available and is also well-equipped with all physical demo tools needed (i.e. professional demo table, table coverings, display stands, 17.3" laptop
to display your website during demo if requested, name tag, cooking utensils and appliances, gloves, napkins, trays, baskets, scanner/copier for demo reports, cell with unlimited text, etc.).
Flexibility is also a strong point with Judi as she has a few clients who share a split demo display. Please contact her for full details and rates. Judi understands that branding is so important in today's economy and when she says she will conduct a demo for you she will do just that and excel beyond your expectations. She never leaves her demo table nor sits down while demoing. The exception would be when she is asked to walk around a small store with product and samples and literature on hand for shopper interaction. She does not charge for set-up nor break-down nor any of the myriad teletraining that is a necessary part of her becoming familiar with your company and product.
Bottom line, Judi is a detail-oriented, extremely cognizant professional demonstrator whom you will enjoy working with over the years and whose track history of sales and service is stellar.
Judi Jemson offers:
  • Dependability: Productive demos are conducted for the full amount of time contracted
  • Intelligence: Your web site will be reviewed in great detail during and after all teletraining
  • Excellent Sales Ability: A natural people-person with a great mix of aggression with grace
  • Experience with Integrity: Truly enjoys demoing and has done it well for over ten years
  • Compliancy and Timeliness: All demo reports are filled out correctly with superb customer and demonstrator feedback, manager feedback and signatures, before and after counts, and scanned via email to you with 24 hours of the completion of your product demonstration
  • Competitive Rates: $20 per hour (minimum of two hours, but most demos are three to five hours, split demos with two companies on one display table are pre-quoted)
Local references available.
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